Childrens’ Birthday Parties

It is that time of year again, in our family. Our precious little lady turns 7 on Sunday. I love organising and having themed parties. Personally I am not the most creative person when it comes to having my own ideas so it takes me a little more time. I still love it though. I made a decision at the start of the year to alternate party time between our 2 kidlets. However, when it came to the crunch, I felt bad not letting them have a party. I think I have come up with the best of both worlds. Our son had his party earlier in the year. It was the full deal. Food games and cake. Our daughter understands that she is not having a big party. We decided on inviting a couple of the girls at school to go to the movies. A small celebration? It has not stayed that way. I can’t seem to help myself. We have ended up inviting all the girls from her Year level at school to our house. There are only 12 of them all up and some will be away for the school holidays.

We are having a pizza, movie and fondue night. The girls are wearing their Pjs and bringing a pillow and a blanket. Below is the invite I made up. There will be no games. I will make the pizza bases and the girls will put their own topping on. The plan is to then settle in for a movie and once this is complete we will celebrate with a chocolate fondue. This is going to be the cake.


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