4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi – I love the free 100 word printable – you are missing the words “of” and “to” in the Golden words and I can’t seem to alter you pdf. Do you mind being wonderful and adding those words. Thank you Heaps. Mrs S

    1. Hi Mrs S

      Thank you for visiting my site and picking up the mistake with the Golden Words. I think I have fixed it now. Let me know if all is good. Enjoy.
      Paula 🙂

  2. Hi, I loved your website! It has EVERYTHING a mum needs to know, or looking into know.
    I have really struggled to get back out there and exercise after having kids, and decided to write about my experience on my blog runmumrun.net – running was the solution for my problem.
    My twiter acc is @runmumrunnet
    Just wondering how can we perhaps work together in terms of me sharing your page and you sharing mine, and adding comments etc.
    My emaill aishastrachan@gmail.com
    Looking forward hearing from you

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