Chef Compassion

Gabbylocks is in Year 1 this year and has an awesome teacher. In fact both Year 1 teachers are great. During this time of Lent the Year 1 classes are raising some money for others and are doing so in a very unique way.

They call it Chef Compassion.

Each child is on a roster. One their particular day they have to make or bake something to share with the rest of the class. The parents have to work through the procedural genre when preparing this so the students get an understanding of what a procedure is.

Once ready the rest of the class pay 20c for the product. Each child takes in $1 for the week. Gabby’s teacher made a gorgeous bookmark for each of the kids.

We are in constant discussion about what Gabby will do. She has so many ideas and cannot make up her mind. Tonight we are going to narrow it down to cooking or creating something. I am going to go through my Pinterest Board with Gabby, that contains sweet snacks and treats for children. As I was going through it I thought it might be fun to share it with you. Click on the link below and have a look.

Pin food



Ants On A Log (great snack for little tummies)

I am always looking for snacks that are as healthy as possible. Here is one of the favourites, for my husband and kidlets. I am not a huge fan of celery but they love it.

Ants On A Log

1. Wash and clean celery.

2. Cut into finger length pieces.

3. Fill the inside with peanut butter or cream cheese.

4. Add sultanas (ants)


My kidlets love the crunch of the celery and the mixture of flavours. I think this might be a new favourite for the lunch boxes.



Reindeer Cupcakes (Christmas Cooking)

We are cooking up a storm for Christmas. Here is our recipe for Simple Reindeer Cupcakes that you can do with the kidlets. I love to make cupcakes from scratch but when time is an issue, I find the packet mix ones are so much easier.



1 packet of chocolate cupcake mix

Jaffa lollies or round red ones that are similar

Green and White M&Ms (or equivalent)


Black writing gel or icing



1. Make cupcakes according to packet directions.

2012-12-22 20.22.58

2. Ice cupcakes according to packet directions (or your own version of chocolate butter icing will do).

3. Organise the items for decorating.

  reindeer cupcakes1

4. Create your reindeer Cupcakes. Pictures are below. I did one first for them to copy.

* Place a Jaffa lollie for the nose.

* Use 2 green or 2 white M&Ms for the eyes.

* Place a small dot of icing gel in the centre of each eye.

* Break a pretzel in half and sick into the cake for antlers.I have seen it done by using a whole pretzel per antler.

This is what my 6 Year old, Gabbylocks, came up with.

2012-12-23 11.35.42

As Sharing is Caring, I should share my 3 Year old, Rogey Bear’s attempts. Let them be creative at this age.

2012-12-23 11.36.07

This is a very basic Cooking activity with the kidlets. To make them look a little more authentic, you can place a small cookie on the cake first and then stick the nose onto that. I wanted something quick and simple as the concentration span in my two is very limited, especially Rogey Bear. I am even giving the Gingerbread ritual we have a miss this year. Too much concentration needed to decorate the houses. This was fun.

We are making Holly Cupcakes later today which I will post too.

Happy cooking


Holiday Cooking

My kids love cooking but not in the normal way you would expect.
Gabbylocks likes to make her own recipes up and of course Rogey Bear likes to copy. This morning I made mini cupcakes while they made up their own cakes and desserts. Daddy is usually the taste tester so he is in for a treat tonight. I am watching my weight. Pity about that.

I guide them with the need for dry or wet ingredients but they choose them. Gabbylocks is getting quite good at deciding when the mixture is just right. Just use whatever you have in the cupboard. Today we used some self – raising flour, raw sugar, a little melted butter, 1 egg, choc chips, cocoa, sprinkles and other bits and bops I can’t remember. We then bake it in the oven until they seem cooked.

They still want to ice them but this is the result so far.

2012-12-13 11.01.26


Don't Throw Away Those Crusts!


My kidlets are not very fond of the crust on bread and it is a battle I refuse to have. I know they will eventually eat them. Gabbylocks is already eating some crusts that I leave on. Whenever I cut the crust off though, I get a shiver looking at what is being wasted. I read this cute little dea somewhere and it has been the best food saver idea I have read in a long time. I just cannot remember where I read it. This is also an easy cooking activity to do with your kidlets.



Cut the crusts off the bread before making the sandwich.                                          


Place them in a zip lock bag and put this in the freezer.                                          



Use these frozen crusts to make eggy fingers

Eggy fingers are a smaller, simpler form of french toast. A yummy breakfast alternative on Sunday mornings.

In a round bowl, place 2 eggs and a little milk and whisk.






Place slightly defrosted crusts into the egg mixture and soak for a minute.

Heat up a frying pan and melt a little butter.

Place the egg soaked crusts into the frying pan and lightly fry, turned a couple of times so all sides are browned.

Serve Eggy Fingers with cinnamon sugar or golden syrup and fresh fruit. 




My kids love it.


Happy Cooking


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Cooking With Kids (Free printable)


While making grilled cheese and ham toasties for Gabbylocks today, she began asking me heaps of questions about why I was doing what I was doing? Even though she does help out from time to time, she was very intrigued by the grill and how it was melting the cheese. Gabbylocks has also suddenly become very interested in Masterchef and asks so many questions while we watch catch up on the weekends. I thought that I would put all this interest to work and reall start making cooking together, a regular occasion. Sunday mornings has become a regular pancake morning and Gabbylocks always rolls up her sleeves, until her share is cooked then I am left standing there to finish off. Rogay Bear tried to help the other week but flipped the pancake onto his arm. Not a good start for him. Not matter what happens, cooking with your kids is an exciting and special time.

All this leads to a new section in my blog: Cooking with Kids


I thought I would begin by giving you our favourite base recipe for pancakes.



1 cup of self raising flour (I use wholemeal)

1 cup of milk

1 egg

Briefly whisk all these together and cook. I have begun to throw in some cinnamon sugar and sliced banana.

Lemon juice and cinnamon sugar are our favourite toppings.




While searching for some ideas and words of wisdom I came across this gorgeous little poem from which I am going to print out and laminate for the kidlets. Feel free to download and save it for your little cherubs.


The Cooking Poem

The Cooking Poem

I am very excited about this new addition to Mum on the Run.

Happy Cooking

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