Laundry Schedule

Do you wash once a week or a few times during the week. I have to wash through the week. Previously I had a great ironing lady but since the move, I need to go on a search again. I am not a fan of ironing and it piles up. We are still settling in to the new house and unpacking so the washing routine is still getting back on track. Below are two free downloads to spruce up you laundry. I printed them out and framed them. They then were hung in the laundry. Unfortunately they are still in a box so I have to wait to get them up.

Laundry scheduleWeekly L

Back to School Checklist – Before School Starts (Freebie)


Well are you ready? As mentioned previously, school goes back soon and time can creep up on you. I have created a very general Back to School Checklist for you to download and print off. This is one to use Before the School Year Starts. Once the kidlets start school there is another one that you will need to do to make sure all is organised. As I had one in Kindy when I previously posted this, I have left it in. Kindy will only follow some of the checklist. Let’s get started and be on top of it before the chaos begins.

start of school

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School Holiday Planner (Free Printable)

This has been a long school term and we have one week to go. The discussions of what to do has already started. This weekend I will be putting up our holiday planner so we can add to it as we have ideas. I have added a free printable below for you to download. Do you have many plans?


School planner

Weekly Laundry Schedule (Freebie)

This is a follow-up from the fun Laundry Schedule I posted earlier. I have created a Weekly Laundry Schedule for you to download and write on. This is the one you actually have to use and do work with. Dow!!!

I am working on creating a document like this for you to edit and type in yourself. For now either print it off and write on it or put the print in a clear picture frame and write on that with a whiteboard marker.

Weekly L

Laundry Printable (Freebie)

Today is the first day of our school holidays in North Queensland and that means I have 2 weeks to get some order back into the house. I will be working on schedules and routines as we seem to have got off track lately, or they need updating.

I thought I would start with something fun. This is a very simple Laundry Schedule that I have seen a lot of and it always makes me giggle.

Feel free to download it and print it off.


Laundry schedule