Moving Home (Tips and insights)

Our little family is on the move. This will be the cats and my husband and my 5th move in 9 years. Our daughters 3rd move but she doesn’t remember the others and our son’s first. Over the years we have gathered so much and we always try to de-clutter before we go but never seem to do enough. This is a bittersweet move. We are finally heading back to our home state but will still be about 6 hours drive from family. Hopefully after a few years we can make that final move close to family and then settle. There is so much to consider for this move.

Our daughter will be going into Year 2 and our son is meant to start in Pre-primary so we have to enrol them into a new school. This is not proving to be easy as we send, and want to continue to send them to a catholic school. There are waiting lists at the moment so we have to hope and pray. Hopefully my posts will help others who have such a big move to make. We have got better every time we have moved and have learnt the right questions to ask. I hope you will join me on this journey and please feel free to throw any of your tips my way.

STEP 1: Plan your move.

I am a planner and need to have a calendar, weekly outlines and daily tasks in front of me so I can keep on top of things. You can make your own plan up but we are limited on time as there are only 8 weeks to go. Search online for Moving Planners and print one out, put it into a file and start planning. I paid for and downloaded this one from The Organised Housewife.


STEP 2: Do a rubbish tip run

Go through all the carports and sheds to see if there are items you have that cannot be sold or you do not want anymore and take them to the tip. You will come across other things as you go. Store these to one side and do a tip run as needed. This is our job this weekend. My husband will have a rare day at home so we are dumping what needs to go. This will make the moving quotes so much easier.

STEP 3: Sell or donate big-ticket items that are too good to throw out.

While you are organising your tip run put items aside that can be sold or donated. Photograph and advertise them on a local selling site. I would prefer not to use the bigger ones as pick up is always an issue. If they are not sold in a week, lower the price slightly. If they are not sold in another week, donate them. Don’t be afraid to negotiate. I will just want to get rid of some of our pieces.

STEP 4: Removal Quotes

My husband’s company requires 3 quotes as they pay for the move and then we pay them back. Some removal companies allow you to do a quote online. This would be ok if you only had a few things to move. I do not feel comfortable with this as we have soo many things and I know I will get it wrong. Ring the removalists and make a time. When they are there make sure you have all the questions ready. We have two pets and two cars. One car has to go earlier so those were questions that needed to be clarified. Ask them for two quotes. One for them to do all the packing and one for them to supply boxes so you can pack yourself. I am going for the latter, except all the breakables. I will get them to pack those. Don’t forget to tell them the dates you are looking at. I remember one time going through this whole process only to find the cheaper quote couldn’t move us on the set day.

STEP 5: Home and schools

Decide whether you will rent or buy. Get onto some good real estate websites and start looking. I like to look and save some to our favourites. We have always bought when we have moved but will be renting at the moment. Every couple of days I check the sites and save my favourites. When my husband heads there a month before us he will look around and make more definite decisions.

If possible, find out about the different schools in the area. We have been lucky that my husbands new admin manager has been there a while and could give us some feedback. Phone schools immediately and ask for enrolment packages. Don’t forget to ask if they have waiting lists. We will be putting our enrolments into both schools and hoping for the best.

These steps should get you started. We have 2 more quotes next week and hopefully s decision on a removalist will be made by next weekend. I have started sorting through cupboards but just want to get packing. Our envornment is going to be different so here’s hoping a change is as good as a holiday.





We will definitely miss the beautiful tropical surrounds but so many new adventures await us.

Exhaustion and Motivation

It has been a long week or two and I am feeling soooo tired. I can’t seem to snap out of it. Perhaps an earlier bedtime is needed. It is just hard to get to bed as early as I would like. I need time to unwind before I can relax. Does anyone else feel like that? After a busy day, kids activities, homework, dinner, cleaning up after dinner and bedtime routine’s, I just need to relax. I like to watch a couple of shows on TV, check up on the blog or Facebook and chill with a cup of tea. I cannot seem to do this and be in bed before 10.30pm. When I finally get to bed and sleep, I wake up feeling tired. There is so much to do and reprioritising is essential. I am just struggling to get it done. Mum on the Run has been a little slow as well.

I have had to have quite a few scans and tests this week, due to pains that I keep getting in the area of my belly. This has exhausted me mentally and physically and I just need to get back on track. I phoned for results today and apparently the doctor wants to see me about the ultrasound but it is not urgent. What’s with that? Oh well!!!!


That is my rant for the week.

That is all.

I am trying to change………

I have always liked routine and being organised. Sometimes too much so. I can be a bit of a control freak and I am working hard to change this. I find it hard to let go of something but really am trying to. I had coffee with a friend this morning and we discussed a lot of this.

2 things I really am struggling with is:

* Our kidlets are in bed by 7pm most nights and asleep before 7.30pm. On Wednesdays we have tennis and then soccer after school so we don’t often sit don to dinner before 6.30pm. By the time the kidlets have finished and followed the night-time routine they are in bed at about 7.15pm. Then daddy gets home from cardio tennis and they have to say good night………

I find Wednesdays really stressful and cannot seem to step back from this. I am working on accepting that Wednesday nights are late nights and I cannot do much more to change this.


* Secondly, I really need to exercise. With so much business, I cannot seem to fit it in. My other excuse is i am always tired. Well no more!!! Sounds positive doesn’t it. I am going to try to change this and really focus on fitting it in. Tonight I am going to go to Bokwa. As much as I am enthusiastic about it, it still will depend on whether my husband gets home from work on time. Remember I said I will be trying, doesn’t mean it will always work. My best way to attack this was to make sure I told my husband this morning and he is trying to get home on time.

Well, those are 2 of the things I will be trying to change over the next couple of months:

* relaxing a bit more about certain bed times and trying to fit in some exercise – tired or not.


What are some things you would like to change?



If I Could Bring Back ……….

I was a teenager of the 80s and still love 80s music now. I remember the fashion and it never looked good on me then, and still doesn’t now. However, there was one item that I loved and would love to wear them as a new fashion statement again. Unfortunately it does not get, and stay too cold where we live so that might not happen.



They were the trendy way to keep warm and a fashion statement in the fitness industry. Do you remember this video of Jane Fonda, wearing them ever so well?

I think the workout outfits are for another post. Lol

In my need to see leg warmers in fashion again I did some searching. I thought these ideas might work.


legwarmers 4legwarmers5



If you are keen to give these a go over winter, start here.

Once I find some I really like, I will be buying a pair, even though I might only get a couple of weeks to wear them.

I would love to know what you think about leg warmers and their place in winter fashion.


OMG What a Week of Juggling



Today we are staying home and doing whatever we want. Of course I still have to do some housework but I am letting the kids just do their thing, which unfortunately means a little too much TV and phone games. Whatever!

As some of you know, we live on the East Coast of Australia, at the moment. Far North Queensland to be exact. All our family live on the West Coast so we have no family to spend regular time with and no support when we might need it. It is our choice to live here, FOR NOW. I look forward to the da we move back to WA but for now, financially and life style wise, we live here. I get homesick a lot and it makes it worse when I see my 6 year old crying and clinging to Granny when she comes to visit and is leaving.

We make it work though. Most of the time any way. Until we (well I think this) have weeks like this one. Let me break it down for you:

MONDAY – normal routine – all good

TUESDAY – I work 3 days a week but don’t usually have to go to staff meetings, except for this week.

I organised for my husband to pick up our daughter from school (pre-notice needed), give her an afternoon snack and then take her to gymnastics. He would have to leave her there so he could get back to work.

Luckily it was Day Care week (every second Tuesday) for Rogey Bear so no extra little person to deal with.

I get a call during the day from hubby saying he has sick staff and cannot leave work to pick up Gabby.

PLAN B – Luckily one of our babysitters was home from uni for a week so I made the emergency phone call. She was able to meet me at school to get the booster seat

and take Gabby to gymnastics but would have to leave her there as she had another appointment. All good. I would be there by 4.30pm to pick her up. Then there

was no class as there was not enough students (not happy about that). So Gabby was taken to our babysitters parents who run the local swimming pool. We know

and trust them well. She spent the next hour helping (and probably annoying them) in their canteen.

WEDNESDAY – Fairly normal except for the fact tennis lessons had changed venues

THURSDAY – I had to go to Cairns (just over an hour away) for meetings for work.

The kids have swimming lessons on a Thursday.

Husband could not take time away from work so another friend had to take Gabby with her son to swimming. Rogan missed out as he had had croup that week

and I decided to give it a miss. I then met my friend at the pool to pick up Gabby just as I got back into town.

FRIDAY –       Fairly normal except for the fact I got put on bus duty after school and was meant to have my kids with me. Luckily hubby took an early mark so I sent him on taxi



It doesn’t sound like the craziest week now that I write about it but it sure felt like it. We have had to begin relying on friends for help which I sometimes find hard. Luckily great friends and forward planning made it that little bit easier.


♥ Paula

Join the Fitness Train

A little while ago I wrote a post about how I was going to get back on the health train one small step at a time. We do not have family near by so I have to rely on my husband for help, which works well most of the time.

My first step was to start having warm lemon water in the morning which has many benefits. My next step was to introduce some exercise. This can be quite difficult with 2 kidlets, a busy husband, no extra support and a work schedule of my own. I had to jump in and perhaps do something I would not normally do. I am proud to say that I have begun getting up at 5.15am, one morning a week, and going to a Powerbar class which starts at 6am. I hate getting up that early and do not know why people choose to. However, I have remained strong and just completed my 3rd  week. My kidlets normally have breakfast around 7am so when I get home they are finishing off. This works well and my husband has been happy to take over breakfast once a week. Our morning routine then goes ahead as normal.

I have also just added in a cardio workout one night a week. I have gone to 2 sessions of the new fitness craze, Bokwa. Check out the link below.



Normally my excuse would be that my husband doesn’t get home until 6pm so I cannot make a 6pm class. I am a little more motivated now so I will put the kids in the car and take them with me, if needed. My husband then picks them up on the way through. So far he has got home a little earlier so I haven’t had to do this.

We are all in different situations and this is what works for us at the moment. My husband then gets his turn on a Wednesday when he goes to Cardio Tennis after work. He is burning about 1000 calories in an hour so he gets a good work out too. We are both on a roll. I hope we can get back into it though as he is away next week so exercise is on hold.

I challenge you this week to try to fit in one cardio or strength training session for the week. Then make it routine. Do whatever works for you. Morning, evening, weekends……….

I am shattered by lunch time on a Thursday but it is worth it as I have dropped almost  in 1.5 weeks and I feel great.


Just A Little Sidestep

I have had my mum and step-dad here for a week now and we have been very busy. I am trying hard to stick to my goals for 2013 and am doing better than I thought. I have taken a side step with the decluttering of my body. We are being pretty good but I have probably eaten bigger meals than normal. I am not too worried though as I planned for this and will be back on track, in a hard way, once we are all back into work and school routines next week.

I have decided to wean myself into it a little bit and decided today to start being strict with my iron tablets as I have very low blood iron and am not very good with taking them regularly. I also thought I would begin by having a warm lemon drink at the start of the day. There are so many benefits to doing this and I always feel great when I have one consistently.

Some benefits are:

1. Boosts your immune system

2. Helps with weight loss

3. Aids digestion

4. Acts as a gentle diuretic

5. Clears skin

There is a lot of information out there but I fund a simple explanation of the benefits at MindBodyGreen .

As mornings can get quite hectic, I have a little routine. I put the kettle on as I get breakfast for the kidlets. While they are eating I put 2 – 3 fingers high of hot water in a mug and then squeeze in the juice of half a lemon. I top this up with warm tap water. Then I drink this as I am getting everything else organised.

If you don’t already do so, why not join me on this little step to feeling cleansed and rejuvenated at the start of your day. Have a go for a week and let me know how it is going.