Children’s Chore Charts

I believe that all members of a family need to be responsible for jobs that help the family work together. A friend of mine told me her analogy she tells her kids so they understand why they have to do jobs around the house. This works well as there are 4 of them. She told them that their family was like a lawnmower that had 4 wheels. If one of the wheels were broken or not working well, then the lawnmower would not get the job done. Each member of their family was like a wheel on the lawnmower. They had to all work together so everything would get done. I loved it so I shared it with my 2. Thanks Jody.

As the kidlets get older and are capable of more I revamp their job charts. I have just done this and thought I would share them with you. Our son is 4 and our daughter will soon turn 7. There are jobs that they each have to do every day: Make their bed, take their lunchbox and dishes to the kitchen, hang their towels up and make sure their washing is in the laundry basket.

Then we have jobs that are completed only on some days and jobs they share. They were only feeding the cats, in the morning, twice a week and my husband I were having turns as well. Then they started fighting over who would let them in and out. So now they take turns to feed them and we don’t do it at all. That worked out well. Their daily jobs are common nature for them now. I check the charts every morning to make sure the right kidlet does the right job. As they get older, their tasks will be increased slightly. Gabby has started feeding the cats at night, once a week, with their wet food. Once she has got this under control I will increase it to twice a week. They each have turns emptying the dishwasher but are at different levels. I usually empty it all except for the plastic dishes they use and the knives and fork basket. Rogey Bear just packs the plastic dishes away and Gabbylocks puts them and the cutlery away. This will again be increased with confidence and control over certain items.

Click on the link below to see how I do their charts. It is so simple to do. I just use Microsoft Word to design it and then save it as a PDF.

Gabby's job chart

Rogan's job chart


Planning and Organising Week

Today is the first of July and it is time to get organised again. Our kidlets have 1 more week of school holidays and it is going to be as busy as the last. There is so much planning and organising to do that I need to take a step back and tackle things one step at a time.

We are renovating so there is always a room or two in a little chaos. Usually our little spare room. This has to be totally fixed and sorted as my mother-in-law arrives on Thursday for a visit and I guess she needs somewhere to sleep.

While she is here we will be heading away – kid free – for three nights and I like to plan everything so things need to get organised there.

I have my July calendar ready to plan events, activities and family to-dos. Check out my last post for a copy to download for free.

Kids chore charts need to be redone as it is about time they got another little job added to the list. I also want to revamp their afternoon and evening routines as we are so busy during school weeks that schedules need to be followed or I go a little “nutty”.

Besides the personal organising, my Blog needs a little tweaking. I have been using:
Guide to a Better Blog

I love how easy it is to follow. I have just downloaded Months 4 -6 so I can continue to improve my little personal project. If you run a blog and would like to improve it in some areas click on the link above. It will take you to the place to download this guide. It costs about $10 but is well worth it. As you can see 6 months is up so I am a little behind the 3 months. I downloaded it later and have been doing a little step each time I have a chance.

This week will be spent getting a little more organised with the blog so posts will be scarce. I will still be on the FB page.

Have a great week.

Weekly Laundry Schedule (Freebie)

This is a follow-up from the fun Laundry Schedule I posted earlier. I have created a Weekly Laundry Schedule for you to download and write on. This is the one you actually have to use and do work with. Dow!!!

I am working on creating a document like this for you to edit and type in yourself. For now either print it off and write on it or put the print in a clear picture frame and write on that with a whiteboard marker.

Weekly L

Meal Planning (What’s in the fridge?)

The fridge and pantry have starting looking a little full. This week I decided to plan my meals around what I could find hiding in there. I still had to buy other ingredients to make the meals but I tried to make sure every meal contained some items that were in the fridge and/or pantry. Below is how I went about this little challenge:


Home made pizzas – pizza bases and toppings bought but pizza sauce and cheese already on hand

TUESDAY (Daddy out for dinner with work – Mummy tired)

Kids – Chicken schnitzel (if freezer), baked potato (in pantry) and peas (in freezer)

Mummy – Nachos (Ccs, salsa, sour cream and grated cheese – all leftovers from mum’s night)

WEDNESDAY (Sport afternoon so we get home late)

Kids – pasta, sauce and cheese (already in the house)

Us – Tuna and salad (in the house already – help yourself)


Slow cooker sausage casserole

(sauce bought, remainder in the house already)

(Potatoes bought for the mash potato)


Finger food freezer Friday

Kids – party pies and oven chips

Us – Take your pick


Satay mince – Lettuce Tacos  (Recipe to follow)  Lettuce tacos

(Bought lettuce and cabbage)

Dessert – Brown sugar bananas and cream (Recipe to follow) Brown sugared desserts


Kids – Tuna spaghetti

Us – Creamy salmon pasta (Recipe to follow)

(Bought spaghetti and cream)

Morning Routines for Kids (Free Printable)


Getting ready for school and work can become a stressful time, especially when everyone has to be out the house by a certain time. I have yet to make that time. While my husband was away this week I made a very simple chart up for the kidlets to follow. It worked like a treat. Our not quite 3 year old was telling me where he was up to and our little prepie was helping him along. I have attached this below. Feel free to save and use it if it works for you.