School Holiday Planner (Free Printable)

This has been a long school term and we have one week to go. The discussions of what to do has already started. This weekend I will be putting up our holiday planner so we can add to it as we have ideas. I have added a free printable below for you to download. Do you have many plans?


School planner

Planner Addiction

Hello. My name is Paula and I am a planneraholic. I have always loved lists and planning for what needs to be done. I cannot seem to work any other way. I am always looking for a functional planner that works best for me. I have a Blog Planner that I use and am always looking for ways to make it better. Lately I have been searching for ideas for a personal planner that fits my lifestyle. I will then be working on a budget planner and a Home Management Binder. There are so many out there, ready for printing and even places that will make a personal planner up for you.

There is so much to consider when on this journey. Cost, look and effectiveness. I don’t want to spend too much. It needs to look pretty and inviting and has to fit in with our family lifestyle.

I have even joined a group on Facebook and have already discovered some fabulous things out there. Unfortunately, everything I love is in the USA and no matter how much I search, I cannot find it in Australia. Oh well. I will keep looking. If you love planners and planning head to Planner Addicts and request to join the group. You will love it.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Click on the picture below to view the range at Erin Condren. Her planners can be sent to you ready for use. They are gorgeous and very user-friendly. Price could be an issue for some people.

2013-2014 life planner -paisley

Jen’s planner at I Heart Organizing. This is a very reasonable price. It will take you to her Etsy store where you can buy it and have an instant download. Then you will need to print it out yourself and bind it in the way you like. Below is what it looks like when using the Martha Stewart range.

I have gone with Jenn’s planner for now as I am still searching for the perfect one and the price helps.  I am thinking of making me own down the track.

Happy planning.


Blog Planner (To Date)

Yeah, I finally have something to show for the Blog Planner I have been working on. There are still some pages I would like to add but this is a good start. Graphics are courtesy of Petit Tatti

The Planner consists of:

Cover Page

3 blank monthly planner pages – different colours for more choices

* You will need 12 copies, one for each month of the year

* Write the month at the top and then use the Yearly Calendar to see where 1st goes for each month. Fill in the days in the coloured circles.

Weekly blog planner page

* You will need 52 of these should you be blogging every week. I do 10 at a time in case I don’t blog in a particular week.

Blog expense tracker sheet

* Print out sheets as needed

Blog statistics page

* You should only need one of these

More details of how I use these pages will be in a later post.

You are able to download the pages for free by clicking on the pictures below. I also use a Yearly Calendar and insert this after the cover page. This is used to circle significant dates for the year ahead. I only ask that you use it for personal use and not sell or download it to share as your own.


Month planner - pink

Monthly planner - green

Monthly planner - grey

Weekly Planner

Expense tracker

Blog statistics

Blog Planner (Sneak Peek)

Organising is always something I strive to be better at. The Mum on the Run blog is no different. There are so many gorgeous Blog Planners out there but I thought I would design my own. Once complete it will be free to download, for a short time. I am also working on adding a shop to the blog where all free printables and new cheap ones will be available to download. Below there is a sneak peak of what the cover looks like. Stay tuned for the rest.

Planner cover

Meal Planning (Free printable)


fortnightly meal plan


Time to get organised and back into it. I have been a little off track lately. Things have run very smoothly this week due to planning our meals.

Click on the picture above to download your free meal planning sheet.

Below is our Meal Plan for this fortnight.


BAKING – Banana bread


Chicken and Rice Stroganoff (quick cheats version – ready in 15 minutes or less – recipe to follow)


Oven fish, roast pumpkin, peas and garlic bread

Mummy and Daddy are having salad instead of vegetables

Cook bolognaise for tomorrow (Thermomix)


Pasta Bolognaise

Dessert – ice cream, mini sponges and pretzels


Vegetarian chinese style fried rice with a fried egg on top


Freezer Finger Food for the Kids – Party pies and chips

Mummy and Daddy – Whatever we feel like on the night


Chicken Paella with Quinoa (Experiment as I have never used quinoa before)

Dessert Night – Chocolate Fondant Puddings with vanilla ice cream


Fish and calamari – take away


BAKING – Zucchini and cheese muffins (freeze)

Snickerdoodle biscuits (Thermomix recipe)


Veal and vegetables (Thermomix style)


Lemon Tuna Pasta Pie


Carrot, zucchini and bacon slice with baked potato


Chiken and Cashew with rice noodles (Thermomix recipe)


Freezer Finger Food for the Kids – mini pizzas

Mummy and Daddy – Whatever we feel like on the night


Meatball subs

Dessert – To be chosen by the kidlets


Baked Fish Pie

Family Job Roster

While getting organised, I thought I should do up a Family Job Roster. Both my kids have general jobs they do everyday. These jobs don’t get pocket money. The kidlets are told that these are the jobs they need to do to be part of the family. The Job Roster is one that has jobs on we share and take turns with. They are also jobs that I am introducing to the 2 of them. Eventually they will go on their individual job chart and be part of their routine. At the moment I have only included: feeding the cats and emptying their dishes out the dishwasher. The cat feeding is for the morning only as Daddy and I share night time, for now. I did include a couple of different cat pictures which are for the nights Daddy must feed the cats. As the kidlets progress I will update this with more small tasks. I believe it is part of our job as parents to teach our munchkins responsibility and the importance of working together.

Job roster

Family Planner 2013 (Freebie to Download)

I am sure everyone is ready for christmas or at least almost ready. I have started to try to get organised for next year. Recently I posted a free calendar for you to download. I will have mine up and ready to go straight after the business of christmas. Once this is set up I also like to have a different planner for all the individual things that happen for each of us. That is why I have made up a Family Planner. I have made up one for you to download. Once printed out in colour (this is best) try to have it enlarged to A3 as it will look less cramped. Then bind it so it can be hung next to your Mum on the Run Calendar. I usually leave the calendar as A4 and bind it as well. Just click on the title page below to download all 12 months, ready to plan. the second image is a sample of what each page looks like.


Happy planning.