Pinterest Sharing #4 FATHER’S DAY

Father’s Day is fast approaching in our part of the world. I wanted to share with you some ideas of how you can make this an awesome day for Dad to remember.

We will hopefully being going to our favourite beach for breakfast and a play at the rock pools. Our kidlets will be making something at school and Kindy as well as making something with me. We do not buy big presents for these days. It is more about the time spent together and doing special things for dad.

One gift I wish I had got organised can be found at Poster Candy. You can head there, choose a design and upload your Instagram photos that get put into a poster. Once received you can frame it and voila, a poster of all your favourite photos.


Below is a link to my Pinterest Board where I have pinned ideas of things to make and do for dad on Father’s Day. Just click on the picture and it will take you to my board. Have a great Father’s Day.




Kids And Technology

free digital scrapbook paper - yellow with white polka dots[1]Tech banner

My children are growing up as a generation of ‘digital tech-heads’. This is my description, not a professional one. As a parent and educator, I see the need for kids to be aware of and use technology and I see the negativity it can cause. Do the positives out way the negatives, or vice versa. It is such an individual choice on where you sit on this continuum.

My husband is a franchisee of a very popular and well-known computer store and we have every bit of technology at home, as you can image. And yes, our kidlets are pretty aware of computers and how they work. Our 6-year-old can get onto Word, insert pictures and do so many things that I am amazed. Yet with all of this, we have strict rules about computer use at home.

We have a 6 (almost 7) year old and a 4-year-old. Most other kids their age, that we know, have a DS and even an iPad. We could probably go down that road but I cannot bring myself to spend that kind of money on them at their age. They are quite happy on the home PC and we give them the hand me downs.

When my husband changed phones, we gave our son his old iPhone and put games on that. I gave our daughter my iPod as I got a new phone and didn’t use it anymore for music. She got games on that. They were so easy and portable. That lasted almost a year. We then passed on our HP tablets which are perfect for games (education and normal). We received a Telstra T Hub with our new phone set up at home and don’t use it so our son uses this for his games. This then begs the question : Android vs Apple. A matter of choice. I use an iPad with my disability students at school because they have a lot of good apps. However, when I find one I check the android selection and often find the same one. We do not have an iPad at home.

This post is not about the 2 varieties. It is about how we need to come to the realisation that, like it or not, we are surrounded by Technology and it is going to get bigger.

Doesn’t the saying go: If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them.

This is the first in a series of posts about Kids and Technology. I am hoping to post once a week but I am a Mum on the Run so it might be fortnightly.  Please stay with us and join in this conversation.

Let’s begin this conversation by completing the Poll below and adding any comments you like, in the comment boxes.

Pinterest Sharing #3

Pinterest board #3 is ready to share. I find when I pin I do just that. I do not check where the pin has come from. I am therefore doing two things at once, checking all the pins are worthwhile and sharing my boards with you – the lovely Mum on the Run family. This board is one called Fabulous Family Fun. On this board I pin ideas to do as a family. Pop along and have a browse. You will need a Pinterest account which is free and easy. Click on the picture below. Enjoy!!!



Cute Jewellery (A Find I Have to Share)

Do you love jewellery and accessories? I do.

I often think I might be addicted. Recently I came across a great little Facebook Page called Novelty Designs. The jewellery seems vintage inspired and is so pretty. It is all handmade and there are other little novelties to find. When I looked at the prices I could not go past looking through it. When they had a little sale I could not go past buying any.

When I received my little parcel it came in a cute box and I was not disappointed  with the contents. My only disappointment was that I did not buy more. It was so easy to place the order and I received the jewellery quite promptly. Postage, within Australia, is a flat rate of $4 which I think is very reasonable. International is around $10. I have a few photos below to share with you. Novelty Designs did not ask me to write this little review. I just wanted to as I think once you have a browse, you might be making a few purchases yourself. I now I will. Pop along to the Novelty Designs Facebook Page to have a look. Just click on the highlighted text. Have fun.





Pinterest Sharing #2

Time to share my second Pinterest board. I will say sorry now because once you head there and discover all the other boards, you will become addicted, like me. The first board I shared was about parenting and I mentioned I would be slowly sharing all of the others. This second sharing is a fun personal one. Beauty and the Beast is my collection of all the hair and beauty styles and products I come across and love. Clicking on each and then clicking the website could take you to new discoveries. Enjoy.




Pinterest Sharing #1

Have you discovered Pinterest? I have and sometimes I wish I hadn’t. Ok that is a white lie. I love Pinterest and can spend way to much time pinning. I finally got my husband on to it but he stopped following me as he cannot handle the overload when he opens up.

I do wander, however, if other like myself pin, pin, pin, pin and then never use half of the things on your boards. That hasn’t stopped me though. Over the last week or two I have started to get things in order.

I rearranged my boards so they were in alphabetical order and then decided I should start going through them and really seeing if what I have pinned is worthwhile. Quite a few pins are no longer available at websites or there is no stock available. The first board I decided to do an audit on was my board on Parenting. As I went through each pin, I kept it if useful and deleted the ones that didn’t offer as much as their title or weren’t user-friendly.

As our blog is about Sharing is Caring, I thought I would share my boards when I have finished auditing them. Feel free to re-pin or follow the boards as I share them.


Always Room For Improvement

Over the last couple of weeks I have come to accept that I am a little bit of a control freak. I say that in the nicest way. I like routine and would love it if everyone in the family got on board. I can be a contradictory in terms too as I like to work on and improve things all the time. Mainly because I get bored. Confused? That’s ok. I get that way too. Due to my need to update all the time, I am working on improving and updating aspects of this blog.

I would love to know all the things you enjoy about following us. It would be great as well if you had any ideas of what you would like to see on our page.