Rogan Turns 4

Last week Rogey Bear turned 4. I finally have the time to share some special pictures of his WEEK. He had his first real party and I really limited the number. He invited 6 but only 3 could make it, which suited me fine. All in all there with 6 kidlets as Rogan’s big sister was there as well as a sibling of one of his friends.

Birthday Morning – present from his big sister


A new tradition – comparing heights on birthdays


The little party table is set


Tiny teddy cars – Yum


Some table snacks in individual cups


Birthday cupcakes


Cars painted and ready for wheels and decorating


Ready to race


All in all it was a great time.

Lemon Coconut Slice (Recipe)

When baking for lunch boxes I sometimes fall back on family favourites. I first had Lemon Coconut slice when my mother-in-law made it a few years ago. Now you can find the recipe almost anywhere. Here is my recipe. Click on the link below to download and print out the PDF version.


Recipe title banner - Lemon Coconut Slice

lemon slice


Chef Compassion

Gabbylocks is in Year 1 this year and has an awesome teacher. In fact both Year 1 teachers are great. During this time of Lent the Year 1 classes are raising some money for others and are doing so in a very unique way.

They call it Chef Compassion.

Each child is on a roster. One their particular day they have to make or bake something to share with the rest of the class. The parents have to work through the procedural genre when preparing this so the students get an understanding of what a procedure is.

Once ready the rest of the class pay 20c for the product. Each child takes in $1 for the week. Gabby’s teacher made a gorgeous bookmark for each of the kids.

We are in constant discussion about what Gabby will do. She has so many ideas and cannot make up her mind. Tonight we are going to narrow it down to cooking or creating something. I am going to go through my Pinterest Board with Gabby, that contains sweet snacks and treats for children. As I was going through it I thought it might be fun to share it with you. Click on the link below and have a look.

Pin food



Ants On A Log (great snack for little tummies)

I am always looking for snacks that are as healthy as possible. Here is one of the favourites, for my husband and kidlets. I am not a huge fan of celery but they love it.

Ants On A Log

1. Wash and clean celery.

2. Cut into finger length pieces.

3. Fill the inside with peanut butter or cream cheese.

4. Add sultanas (ants)


My kidlets love the crunch of the celery and the mixture of flavours. I think this might be a new favourite for the lunch boxes.



LCMs (Little Thermo Munchies)

A yummy treat for the kidlets, which is Gluten Free. This is a Thermomix recipe but could be adapted quite easily. The recipe was taken from Lunch Box and After School Ideas.


110g butter

100g sugar

2 tbsp honey

1 tsp vanilla

150g rice bubbles

50g dessicated coconut



1. Place butter,sugar and honey into TM bowl and cook for 6 minutes at 100c on speed 3.

2. Towards the end of the cooking time, add vanilla through the hole in lid and allow to incorporate.

3. Add Rice Bubbles and coconut to bowl and mix for 10 – 15 seconds on Reverse + speed   3-4.

4. Press into paper lined baking tray and refrigerate until firm.

5. Cut into slices and store in the fridge.