Weekly Laundry Schedule (Freebie)

This is a follow-up from the fun Laundry Schedule I posted earlier. I have created a Weekly Laundry Schedule for you to download and write on. This is the one you actually have to use and do work with. Dow!!!

I am working on creating a document like this for you to edit and type in yourself. For now either print it off and write on it or put the print in a clear picture frame and write on that with a whiteboard marker.

Weekly L

Getting Organised with Labels / Tags (Bathroom 1)

Organisation is one of my priorities this year and we are getting there slowly. In our house we only have one bathroom and toilet, which is a nightmare with 2 kidlets, who compete with everything, even who goes to the toilet first. Lol

One bathroom, means not a lot of space so we bought a tall shelving unit which stands behind the door. Over the last few months this has become very cluttered and looks messy. To fix this issue I bought some small plastic containers for each shelf. I love the basket look but in far north Queensland, humidity is a nightmare as it causes mould and in a bathroom, the baskets wouldn’t last too long.

Each person got a basket, even little Rogey Bear who only has a comb and a small tube of hair gel. To pretty it up I made some labels and laminated them. They were then tied to each basket. I wanted to make my own labels but I can be so impatient as I want to get everything done now. And, why reinvent the wheel. I found a site that had some free downloadable labels (The Creativity Exchange) and then used a free editing site (PicMonkey) to put them all together. A post on how to do it will follow this one, hopefully immediately.


media 1









I feel so great walking into the bathroom now. My organising is a very slow process. I do little jobs in between everything else. One of the best things about this, is that it was sooo cheap to do. The baskets came in sets of 4 from Woolworths and they cost $9.99. The labels were free and I already had the laminator and other items. I would love and prefer lots of storage space but this is the best we can do in a bathroom for 4. I still keep my fingers crossed for a renovation but it is not on our priority list at the moment. I am just a normal everyday mum that has limited time. Next step in the bathroom, small cabinet and 2 drawers under the sink. This might be a few weeks away though.

Home Project 1

One of my goals this year is to get on and make or do some of the things on my wishlist. I am going to try to give myself a task or 2 each month to do, inside and outside the house. We are renovating so there are lots to do. My first project for the home is a trio of frames for the front family room. This is courtesy of Pinterest. I am giving myself the month of January to do this. Obviously the pictures will be different but H is the start of our surname so this will be the same. I will be tweaking it but the idea is the same. My first job will be to source the frames.

letter frames

Pinned from www.shopcraftwarehouse.blogspot.com.au

My second little task this month is to finally do some curtain ties for the main lounge windows. I am going to try to change them a bit to make it look more vintage.

curtain ties

Pinned from http://itsy-bits-and-pieces.blogspot.com.au/

Stay tuned.