Christmas Popcorn (Recipe)

Today our Advent Calendar told the kids they could watch a movie and have a popcorn treat. I made them some popcorn in the air popper and then added some little treats. Voila, Christmas Popcorn.

Popcorn (without salt if possible)

A couple of jaffas (round orange chocolates)

Green, white and brown M$Ms


2012-12-23 15.15.22

I love Christmas


Reindeer Cupcakes (Christmas Cooking)

We are cooking up a storm for Christmas. Here is our recipe for Simple Reindeer Cupcakes that you can do with the kidlets. I love to make cupcakes from scratch but when time is an issue, I find the packet mix ones are so much easier.



1 packet of chocolate cupcake mix

Jaffa lollies or round red ones that are similar

Green and White M&Ms (or equivalent)


Black writing gel or icing



1. Make cupcakes according to packet directions.

2012-12-22 20.22.58

2. Ice cupcakes according to packet directions (or your own version of chocolate butter icing will do).

3. Organise the items for decorating.

  reindeer cupcakes1

4. Create your reindeer Cupcakes. Pictures are below. I did one first for them to copy.

* Place a Jaffa lollie for the nose.

* Use 2 green or 2 white M&Ms for the eyes.

* Place a small dot of icing gel in the centre of each eye.

* Break a pretzel in half and sick into the cake for antlers.I have seen it done by using a whole pretzel per antler.

This is what my 6 Year old, Gabbylocks, came up with.

2012-12-23 11.35.42

As Sharing is Caring, I should share my 3 Year old, Rogey Bear’s attempts. Let them be creative at this age.

2012-12-23 11.36.07

This is a very basic Cooking activity with the kidlets. To make them look a little more authentic, you can place a small cookie on the cake first and then stick the nose onto that. I wanted something quick and simple as the concentration span in my two is very limited, especially Rogey Bear. I am even giving the Gingerbread ritual we have a miss this year. Too much concentration needed to decorate the houses. This was fun.

We are making Holly Cupcakes later today which I will post too.

Happy cooking


All I Want For Christmas

Recently I asked our followers on Facebook what they would like for christmas. We have bought an amazing new fridge, which is our gift to each other. It is going to be fantastic but I still have a little wishlist of my own, which will probably remain a wishlist.


OTi Organiser 2013 – Silver

I love planners and bought one last year for all my personal organisation. I wasn’t too happy with the one I chose and wished I had given this one a go. It might appear under the tree from the kidlets.  They come in various colours.

95842298291712701_t4fjzhQ4_c95842298291712663_jLSGifok_cThe Tree of Life Pendant

I have been looking for a pendant I can wear every day that has significance and think I have found it. The one on the left is a good one for every day and I just love the one on the right.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

209135976416843564_oyh2FA83_cTiffany Smart Zip Wallet

I saw this on a while ago so I don’t even know if they are still available. I have a similar thing from Collette and love not having to carry so much around.

Sticking with the colour theme.


Anyone will do

95842298291712723_T4ACmd9L_cFossil two-tone watch

I held off buying one duty-free when we were on our family cruise at the start of the year. I should have bought it.

I know this wishlist will only be a wishlist and while I am typing up this I have been feeling a little guilty thinking of all those who will have nothing or no-one. Perhaps that should be my next post.


Advent Calendars (Freebies)

Do your kidlets have advent calendars? I have not started using the bought ones that have a chocolate a day. This is obviously a personal choice. For the last few years I have used a wooden one that is reusable. It had a small ornament but a few easily got lost. Last year I made my own reusable one as Rogey Bear was old enough to get excited about opening the box everyday. I had to have something big enough to hold 2 treats.

I bought some mini brown boxes from spotlight, made up numbers to cut out and glue on. I also found some different pieces of Christmas scrapbooking paper and went to it.

Once complete I made up a list of activities or treats to go inside each box. The activities depended on what we had in store on our calendar. I made sure there was not a lolly or sugar treat in every box. I have attached a free printable of the number sheet and the activities that are going into our boxes.


Advent Numbers

Advent Calendar Activities

Advent activities 2

Once they are ready I attach them to the wall with Command strips which seem to work a treat.

2012-12-01 20.01.03 The final product looks something like this.

2012-12-01 19.58.58

The kidlets are so excited about opening the boxes. Secretly, so, am I.

Paula  ♥

It Is beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

All I can say is YIKES! there are only 29 days until Christmas. Last year I was starting to get organised at 11 weeks. What has happened?


Today we will put up the tree and I will have to really start my lists. If you are a liat person and like to really get on top of things, head to the following websites where you can find Christmas Planners, ready to go.


Both ladies have put together great planners that can help you get on your way. I got the one off The Organised Housewife last year and will still use this as a support for me.


Happy planning.


Paula heart

Put the Magic Back

Last week I shared a post about our visit from the Tooth Fairy. Now that all our special visits and birthday excitement is over, we are moving on to Christmas. Yes I said the word we are all trying to avoid, even the the shops are already displaying some goodies.



82 Days to Go


Just saying!!!!!

I thought I would let you in on a little magic idea I came across when dealing with the Tooth Fairy. This little bit of magic is available for Christmas as well. If you click on the link in the top of my right sidebar it will take you to a site I know you will love. Capture the Magic allows you to upload some photos and choose a Santa you love to appear in them. It is a small fee but well worth the looks on the kids faces, in Christmas morning, when you tell them you caught Santa in the house. As I mentioned in a previous post, I did this for the Tooth Fairy and Gabbylocks was sooooo excited. I cannot wait to do it for Christmas. The annual fee is a better deal than the once off fee, if you have more than one kidlet, as you can use it for Easter as well. Here is a look again at what I captured previously.

Paula heart

(Christmas) Begin the Advent Journey

As the Christmas season creaps up on us, I thought I would repost this from last year. It is a post about an Advent Calendar that you can make with your kidlets. I will be reusing this calendar but perhaps tweaking some of the activities.
Today is the 22nd of November (in case you didn't know) and almost the first day to open your advent calendar.
REPOST: My kids are very excited but I said that they have to wait until after dinner as I know the firts treat are a couple of choclate gold coins. I have carefully chosen treat days and activities to coincide with our bust schedule – kindy and day care days, kindy wind up, day care christmas party, holiday activities and the very long preparation for Gabbylocks's dance concert.

In order to be this organised I had our calendar open and had to first put the dates and day on the Advent Calendar template. This took me sooo much longer than I wantd but in the end it is organised.

As I am a christian and I still want our children to know the true meaning of christmas, we wil be following the christmas story and Jesse Tree throughout Advent. While browsing for Advent ideas I came across another blogger who I have added to my list: has some awesome ides and I expecially loved her Christmas story activities. Open the following link to see her ready to go activities. As  a busy mum, I do not see the point of reinventing the wheel unless you really want to. I could have gone with a ready to go Advent Calendar but the time spent with Gabbylocks, while darling hubby coaxed Rogey Bear through dinner, was worth it.

I have attached some photos of our special time.

Lots of smiles

Paula 🙂 🙂