First Day of School (Back to School)


It has been a busy week with Gabbylocks starting Year 1 and Rogey Bear starting Kindy and also returning to some Day Care. I am also back at work 3 days a week as Learning Support Coordinator at a high school. All our students returned this week as well. Often when things are so hectic we forget to remember the little things. I came across a great idea a while ago, which will help with this. I cannot for the life of me remember the source but I have revamped it a little. It is a little questionaire for the kids to remember their First Day of the new school year. There will be one for the last day as well. I have completed it with Gabby and plan to put it up along with her First Day picture, when I find the time. Later it will be kept in her school memory collection. I wasn’t going to do one for Rogey Bear but might think of a simpler one for Kindy.
Just click on the picture below to download the PDF for free.

First Day