Time Flys!

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OMG What a Week of Juggling



Today we are staying home and doing whatever we want. Of course I still have to do some housework but I am letting the kids just do their thing, which unfortunately means a little too much TV and phone games. Whatever!

As some of you know, we live on the East Coast of Australia, at the moment. Far North Queensland to be exact. All our family live on the West Coast so we have no family to spend regular time with and no support when we might need it. It is our choice to live here, FOR NOW. I look forward to the da we move back to WA but for now, financially and life style wise, we live here. I get homesick a lot and it makes it worse when I see my 6 year old crying and clinging to Granny when she comes to visit and is leaving.

We make it work though. Most of the time any way. Until we (well I think this) have weeks like this one. Let me break it down for you:

MONDAY – normal routine – all good

TUESDAY – I work 3 days a week but don’t usually have to go to staff meetings, except for this week.

I organised for my husband to pick up our daughter from school (pre-notice needed), give her an afternoon snack and then take her to gymnastics. He would have to leave her there so he could get back to work.

Luckily it was Day Care week (every second Tuesday) for Rogey Bear so no extra little person to deal with.

I get a call during the day from hubby saying he has sick staff and cannot leave work to pick up Gabby.

PLAN B – Luckily one of our babysitters was home from uni for a week so I made the emergency phone call. She was able to meet me at school to get the booster seat

and take Gabby to gymnastics but would have to leave her there as she had another appointment. All good. I would be there by 4.30pm to pick her up. Then there

was no class as there was not enough students (not happy about that). So Gabby was taken to our babysitters parents who run the local swimming pool. We know

and trust them well. She spent the next hour helping (and probably annoying them) in their canteen.

WEDNESDAY – Fairly normal except for the fact tennis lessons had changed venues

THURSDAY – I had to go to Cairns (just over an hour away) for meetings for work.

The kids have swimming lessons on a Thursday.

Husband could not take time away from work so another friend had to take Gabby with her son to swimming. Rogan missed out as he had had croup that week

and I decided to give it a miss. I then met my friend at the pool to pick up Gabby just as I got back into town.

FRIDAY –       Fairly normal except for the fact I got put on bus duty after school and was meant to have my kids with me. Luckily hubby took an early mark so I sent him on taxi



It doesn’t sound like the craziest week now that I write about it but it sure felt like it. We have had to begin relying on friends for help which I sometimes find hard. Luckily great friends and forward planning made it that little bit easier.


♥ Paula