Cute Jewellery (A Find I Have to Share)

Do you love jewellery and accessories? I do.

I often think I might be addicted. Recently I came across a great little Facebook Page called Novelty Designs. The jewellery seems vintage inspired and is so pretty. It is all handmade and there are other little novelties to find. When I looked at the prices I could not go past looking through it. When they had a little sale I could not go past buying any.

When I received my little parcel it came in a cute box and I was not disappointed  with the contents. My only disappointment was that I did not buy more. It was so easy to place the order and I received the jewellery quite promptly. Postage, within Australia, is a flat rate of $4 which I think is very reasonable. International is around $10. I have a few photos below to share with you. Novelty Designs did not ask me to write this little review. I just wanted to as I think once you have a browse, you might be making a few purchases yourself. I now I will. Pop along to the Novelty Designs Facebook Page to have a look. Just click on the highlighted text. Have fun.





Bling on a Budget

I love shopping but once the kids came , I have had to be more creative. I am also trying to trim down a little so am avoiding buying too many clothes until I am ready. So what is a girl to do?

Buy accessories of course!!

I know that could also be an issue when it comes to money. I like to think I can find a good bargain. Just a little something to add some bling to an outfit. A bright, chunky necklace could do wonders to jeans and a t-shirt. I always buy jewellery when it is on special and I thought I would share my tips on how to buy Bling on a Budget.

K’Mart has been stocking some really cute accessories and a lot of these can be less than $10. Never underestimated what you can find in some of the more reasonably priced stores.


A lot of the ladies clothing stores stock jewellery and some can be marked down quite significantly. Look what I picked up today from Rockmans. It would have cost $66 but I scored it for $24.


I subscribe to the Colette Hayman website and they often have online sales that have accessories so marked down, it is so worth stocking up. In the past I have picked up rings for $2 and necklaces for $5. This is their current sale. It is a small one but if you subscribe to them they send you emails when they have their sales.

Finally, there are a couple of shops / websites that I love browsing through. They always have a sale on and that is when I go a little silly. You can also find their specials on their websites.



Have a browse and spend a little to add a lot. Say sorry to your husbands for me.


All I Want For Christmas

Recently I asked our followers on Facebook what they would like for christmas. We have bought an amazing new fridge, which is our gift to each other. It is going to be fantastic but I still have a little wishlist of my own, which will probably remain a wishlist.


OTi Organiser 2013 – Silver

I love planners and bought one last year for all my personal organisation. I wasn’t too happy with the one I chose and wished I had given this one a go. It might appear under the tree from the kidlets.  They come in various colours.

95842298291712701_t4fjzhQ4_c95842298291712663_jLSGifok_cThe Tree of Life Pendant

I have been looking for a pendant I can wear every day that has significance and think I have found it. The one on the left is a good one for every day and I just love the one on the right.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

209135976416843564_oyh2FA83_cTiffany Smart Zip Wallet

I saw this on a while ago so I don’t even know if they are still available. I have a similar thing from Collette and love not having to carry so much around.

Sticking with the colour theme.


Anyone will do

95842298291712723_T4ACmd9L_cFossil two-tone watch

I held off buying one duty-free when we were on our family cruise at the start of the year. I should have bought it.

I know this wishlist will only be a wishlist and while I am typing up this I have been feeling a little guilty thinking of all those who will have nothing or no-one. Perhaps that should be my next post.