Positive Parenting

As a parent and an educator I am always looking for ways to help my kidlets in a positive way. The school I work at, and our kiddies attend, subscribe to Parenting Ideas and it is well worth it. We often include articles from this into the school newsletter, when needed. This week there were two that I thought were well worth sharing. Our students at school do not seem to have an understanding of the difference between bullying and teasing, or once of actions. There is a huge difference so we included this article. The articles are large in size as they are saved as pictures, not PDFs.

Friendship requires skills and the following article was one in a line of information snippets from our school Psychologist.




Happy reading. I highly suggest looking into Parenting Ideas.


Paula 🙂

Morning Routines

As I get myself organised to keep on top of things, I also need to get the kidlets organised. School can be such a busy time and mornings can be particularly hectic. Having a routine that the kids can follow themselves can help a great deal. Last year each of our children had their own. They followed it and moved a chosen magnet down each step as it was completed. I think they have moved on from that so there will be just one this year. I will place it onto a clip board and hang this in a central location outside their bedrooms.

Below is the one I have created for you to download for free. It makes things so much smoother. There is another week before the kids start school so we will use this week to practice our Morning Routine. For all those who have just started the new school year, or are about to, good luck.

Morning Routine Snapshot

Back to School Checklist – Before School Starts (Freebie)


Well are you ready? As mentioned previously, school goes back soon and time can creep up on you. I have created a very general Back to School Checklist for you to download and print off. This is one to use Before the School Year Starts. Once the kidlets start school there is another one that you will need to do to make sure all is organised. As I had one in Kindy when I previously posted this, I have left it in. Kindy will only follow some of the checklist. Let’s get started and be on top of it before the chaos begins.

start of school

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Labelling School Clothes and Other Items

This is a repost from again with some changes to keep it updated. Now that I have most of the things the kidlets need for school, the idea of how best to label them has been playing on my mind, again.  There are a variety of ways you can label these days. A few might be:

  • The good old permanent texta
  • Sewing labels onto clothes
  • Iron on labels for clothing
  • Commercially bought, commercially designed labels
  • Your own designs made up and printed out on the home computer

I am going with the commercially self designed and ordered kind. I sat down with each of the kidlets and they chose their design. It was great to see their eyes light up when choosing the design and colour. This year we went with a company called Tiny Me. They had a great special. Gabby chose the Woodland Creatures and Rogan went with Transport.


Below are a couple of other links to help you get started.





Have fun choosing some exciting designs.



Children’s Chore Charts

I believe that all members of a family need to be responsible for jobs that help the family work together. A friend of mine told me her analogy she tells her kids so they understand why they have to do jobs around the house. This works well as there are 4 of them. She told them that their family was like a lawnmower that had 4 wheels. If one of the wheels were broken or not working well, then the lawnmower would not get the job done. Each member of their family was like a wheel on the lawnmower. They had to all work together so everything would get done. I loved it so I shared it with my 2. Thanks Jody.

As the kidlets get older and are capable of more I revamp their job charts. I have just done this and thought I would share them with you. Our son is 4 and our daughter will soon turn 7. There are jobs that they each have to do every day: Make their bed, take their lunchbox and dishes to the kitchen, hang their towels up and make sure their washing is in the laundry basket.

Then we have jobs that are completed only on some days and jobs they share. They were only feeding the cats, in the morning, twice a week and my husband I were having turns as well. Then they started fighting over who would let them in and out. So now they take turns to feed them and we don’t do it at all. That worked out well. Their daily jobs are common nature for them now. I check the charts every morning to make sure the right kidlet does the right job. As they get older, their tasks will be increased slightly. Gabby has started feeding the cats at night, once a week, with their wet food. Once she has got this under control I will increase it to twice a week. They each have turns emptying the dishwasher but are at different levels. I usually empty it all except for the plastic dishes they use and the knives and fork basket. Rogey Bear just packs the plastic dishes away and Gabbylocks puts them and the cutlery away. This will again be increased with confidence and control over certain items.

Click on the link below to see how I do their charts. It is so simple to do. I just use Microsoft Word to design it and then save it as a PDF.

Gabby's job chart

Rogan's job chart

Kids And Technology

free digital scrapbook paper - yellow with white polka dots[1]Tech banner

My children are growing up as a generation of ‘digital tech-heads’. This is my description, not a professional one. As a parent and educator, I see the need for kids to be aware of and use technology and I see the negativity it can cause. Do the positives out way the negatives, or vice versa. It is such an individual choice on where you sit on this continuum.

My husband is a franchisee of a very popular and well-known computer store and we have every bit of technology at home, as you can image. And yes, our kidlets are pretty aware of computers and how they work. Our 6-year-old can get onto Word, insert pictures and do so many things that I am amazed. Yet with all of this, we have strict rules about computer use at home.

We have a 6 (almost 7) year old and a 4-year-old. Most other kids their age, that we know, have a DS and even an iPad. We could probably go down that road but I cannot bring myself to spend that kind of money on them at their age. They are quite happy on the home PC and we give them the hand me downs.

When my husband changed phones, we gave our son his old iPhone and put games on that. I gave our daughter my iPod as I got a new phone and didn’t use it anymore for music. She got games on that. They were so easy and portable. That lasted almost a year. We then passed on our HP tablets which are perfect for games (education and normal). We received a Telstra T Hub with our new phone set up at home and don’t use it so our son uses this for his games. This then begs the question : Android vs Apple. A matter of choice. I use an iPad with my disability students at school because they have a lot of good apps. However, when I find one I check the android selection and often find the same one. We do not have an iPad at home.

This post is not about the 2 varieties. It is about how we need to come to the realisation that, like it or not, we are surrounded by Technology and it is going to get bigger.

Doesn’t the saying go: If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them.

This is the first in a series of posts about Kids and Technology. I am hoping to post once a week but I am a Mum on the Run so it might be fortnightly.  Please stay with us and join in this conversation.

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Pinterest Sharing #1

Have you discovered Pinterest? I have and sometimes I wish I hadn’t. Ok that is a white lie. I love Pinterest and can spend way to much time pinning. I finally got my husband on to it but he stopped following me as he cannot handle the overload when he opens up.

I do wander, however, if other like myself pin, pin, pin, pin and then never use half of the things on your boards. That hasn’t stopped me though. Over the last week or two I have started to get things in order.

I rearranged my boards so they were in alphabetical order and then decided I should start going through them and really seeing if what I have pinned is worthwhile. Quite a few pins are no longer available at websites or there is no stock available. The first board I decided to do an audit on was my board on Parenting. As I went through each pin, I kept it if useful and deleted the ones that didn’t offer as much as their title or weren’t user-friendly.

As our blog is about Sharing is Caring, I thought I would share my boards when I have finished auditing them. Feel free to re-pin or follow the boards as I share them.