Morning Routines

As I get myself organised to keep on top of things, I also need to get the kidlets organised. School can be such a busy time and mornings can be particularly hectic. Having a routine that the kids can follow themselves can help a great deal. Last year each of our children had their own. They followed it and moved a chosen magnet down each step as it was completed. I think they have moved on from that so there will be just one this year. I will place it onto a clip board and hang this in a central location outside their bedrooms.

Below is the one I have created for you to download for free. It makes things so much smoother. There is another week before the kids start school so we will use this week to practice our Morning Routine. For all those who have just started the new school year, or are about to, good luck.

Morning Routine Snapshot

Morning Madness Routine

At the start of the year we put a morning routine in place and I said we would give it 6 months to see if it works. It has been a great help. We have 2 more weeks of school left for this term and then we will re-evaluate everything. There are, however, mornings when we still seem to have a little madness.

Our kidlets are up between 6.30pm and 7pm. I usually get up with them and give them breakfast at 7am. Their dad slowly risse and joins us. I make lunches (if not made the night before) and lay their clothes out on their beds. Daddy normally moves them on to toilet and teeth time. Along with all of this, they each have a Morning Routine Chart which they follow. Our eldest knows the routine and rarely checks on her chart. She does like to get distracted though so we always refer her back to the chart. Our little man, however, likes to check on his chart and move the car up as he goes. Very cute.

Every morning has it’s own level of madness but our charts  do lessen the load. I have attached them below for you to download and use. You might want to make your own to suit your mornings.

I printed them out and laminated them. I then attached some small magnets which helps keep them on our metal cupboard. Each kidlet has a character that is also laminated and magnetised. They use this to move down the chart.

Morning Routine

Just A Little Sidestep

I have had my mum and step-dad here for a week now and we have been very busy. I am trying hard to stick to my goals for 2013 and am doing better than I thought. I have taken a side step with the decluttering of my body. We are being pretty good but I have probably eaten bigger meals than normal. I am not too worried though as I planned for this and will be back on track, in a hard way, once we are all back into work and school routines next week.

I have decided to wean myself into it a little bit and decided today to start being strict with my iron tablets as I have very low blood iron and am not very good with taking them regularly. I also thought I would begin by having a warm lemon drink at the start of the day. There are so many benefits to doing this and I always feel great when I have one consistently.

Some benefits are:

1. Boosts your immune system

2. Helps with weight loss

3. Aids digestion

4. Acts as a gentle diuretic

5. Clears skin

There is a lot of information out there but I fund a simple explanation of the benefits at MindBodyGreen .

As mornings can get quite hectic, I have a little routine. I put the kettle on as I get breakfast for the kidlets. While they are eating I put 2 – 3 fingers high of hot water in a mug and then squeeze in the juice of half a lemon. I top this up with warm tap water. Then I drink this as I am getting everything else organised.

If you don’t already do so, why not join me on this little step to feeling cleansed and rejuvenated at the start of your day. Have a go for a week and let me know how it is going.



Morning Routines for Kids (Free Printable)


Getting ready for school and work can become a stressful time, especially when everyone has to be out the house by a certain time. I have yet to make that time. While my husband was away this week I made a very simple chart up for the kidlets to follow. It worked like a treat. Our not quite 3 year old was telling me where he was up to and our little prepie was helping him along. I have attached this below. Feel free to save and use it if it works for you.




Daily Routines

Having gone back to work this year, it has been so important for us to have routine. I am by nature a routine person and function better when I have lists and structure. The mornings are our worst as we have to be out the house fairly early and if I don’t stick to a routine, it becomes extremely chaotic. I have made this checklist below that sits on the fridge to remind me. We don’t have a dishwasher until the new kitchen goes in next month so keeping on top of the dishes is important too.


1. Sit the kidlets down to breakfast

2. Put away the dry dishes and remind Gabbylocks of her morning routine

3. Get dressed and make our bed (If hubby hasn’t done it already) and Rogey Bear’s bed (GB does her own)

4. Get Rogey Bear ready

5. Finalise lunches

6. Wash dishes and clean bench top


1. After dinner, wash dishes

2. Have clothes ready for the morning

3. Make lunches and clean up kitchen

My husband jumps in and helps in some spots. Just thought I would throw that in.

This works for me. If you find the mornings a little chaotic, try this and stick to it.

Lots of smiles

Paula 🙂 🙂