Bellabox Beauty Samples

A little while ago I was reading one of the blogs I follow and I came across this awesome little concept that I had to look into. A little box of beauty products – some full size and some samples. There is a small cost each month and you receive this special little box. Birchbox is an American based company that supplies a little beauty box each month with products for you to test and view. If you like them, you can purchase the products on their site or wherever you can find them locally. As I live in Australia, I decided to have a scout around for a local version as I would receive it quicker. I found it:

Bellabox is the Australian version I have come across. For $15 a month, you receive a little surprise box, filled with goodies. I have got the June and July box so far and I am loving it. The products are amazing and there are usually 5 – 7 products each time. Shipping is free.


This is what I received in June.



July’s box


 Just head over to and sign up for free. They will ask you to fill out a profile so they know what you like. There seems to be a theme each month. June was “Girl’s night in / Girl’s night out.” and July was a travel theme.

I cannot wait to get my August box.





Shopping Online (A new favourite)

Do you like shopping? I loooove it. Unfortunately it is not happening as much as I would like it to. I think the reason is the kidlets. Ha ha. I wouldn’t change that for the world. I do however, still like to browse online shops when I get a spare moment. We live in a country town which is quite big but there are not many options. I have a few favourite online shops which will come in a later post.

Today I wanted to share my new favourite. I am currently waiting on a parcel delivery. It is coming from America which is the only downside as I have a wait for about a week or so. ShopRuche is gorgeous. I love vintage inspired clothing and this is just the place for this. Everything is so pretty. The prices are pretty good as well. What I also love is the fact that you can become a member for free, have a browse and save items into a wishlist for later. You might miss out as I did with one item but at least they are saved, ready to purchase when you can.  Click on the link below and have a browse. New Arrivals

Pinterest Sharing #2

Time to share my second Pinterest board. I will say sorry now because once you head there and discover all the other boards, you will become addicted, like me. The first board I shared was about parenting and I mentioned I would be slowly sharing all of the others. This second sharing is a fun personal one. Beauty and the Beast is my collection of all the hair and beauty styles and products I come across and love. Clicking on each and then clicking the website could take you to new discoveries. Enjoy.




I am trying to change………

I have always liked routine and being organised. Sometimes too much so. I can be a bit of a control freak and I am working hard to change this. I find it hard to let go of something but really am trying to. I had coffee with a friend this morning and we discussed a lot of this.

2 things I really am struggling with is:

* Our kidlets are in bed by 7pm most nights and asleep before 7.30pm. On Wednesdays we have tennis and then soccer after school so we don’t often sit don to dinner before 6.30pm. By the time the kidlets have finished and followed the night-time routine they are in bed at about 7.15pm. Then daddy gets home from cardio tennis and they have to say good night………

I find Wednesdays really stressful and cannot seem to step back from this. I am working on accepting that Wednesday nights are late nights and I cannot do much more to change this.


* Secondly, I really need to exercise. With so much business, I cannot seem to fit it in. My other excuse is i am always tired. Well no more!!! Sounds positive doesn’t it. I am going to try to change this and really focus on fitting it in. Tonight I am going to go to Bokwa. As much as I am enthusiastic about it, it still will depend on whether my husband gets home from work on time. Remember I said I will be trying, doesn’t mean it will always work. My best way to attack this was to make sure I told my husband this morning and he is trying to get home on time.

Well, those are 2 of the things I will be trying to change over the next couple of months:

* relaxing a bit more about certain bed times and trying to fit in some exercise – tired or not.


What are some things you would like to change?



Bling on a Budget

I love shopping but once the kids came , I have had to be more creative. I am also trying to trim down a little so am avoiding buying too many clothes until I am ready. So what is a girl to do?

Buy accessories of course!!

I know that could also be an issue when it comes to money. I like to think I can find a good bargain. Just a little something to add some bling to an outfit. A bright, chunky necklace could do wonders to jeans and a t-shirt. I always buy jewellery when it is on special and I thought I would share my tips on how to buy Bling on a Budget.

K’Mart has been stocking some really cute accessories and a lot of these can be less than $10. Never underestimated what you can find in some of the more reasonably priced stores.


A lot of the ladies clothing stores stock jewellery and some can be marked down quite significantly. Look what I picked up today from Rockmans. It would have cost $66 but I scored it for $24.


I subscribe to the Colette Hayman website and they often have online sales that have accessories so marked down, it is so worth stocking up. In the past I have picked up rings for $2 and necklaces for $5. This is their current sale. It is a small one but if you subscribe to them they send you emails when they have their sales.

Finally, there are a couple of shops / websites that I love browsing through. They always have a sale on and that is when I go a little silly. You can also find their specials on their websites.



Have a browse and spend a little to add a lot. Say sorry to your husbands for me.


Yummy Mummy March (Freebie)



 Let’s make March all about you. I declare March to be Yummy Mummy Month. March is all about mum’s having fun. I have attached a list of 31 things to do. Some are for yourself, some are with your kids. They are in no particular order. Just choose one a day to do. Go on I dare you!!!! I am hoping to do all of them, write about some and photograph others. I would love it if you would download this freebie and join in the fun. Sometimes we have to say enough is enough. There will always be housework to do. There will always be running around to do. There will never be another March 2012, when you will be whereyou are and your kidlets will never be that age again.

Seize the moment!


Seize the Day!!!!

Who is in???????

31 Days of Fun

I Can’t wait to hear how everyone goes.

Have Fun!!!!



Guilty Treats

Over the past year I have lost 10 kgs and have been pretty good at maintaining it until recently. The last kg or 2 seem to be popping back for a visit. I am back on track to hopefully getting these off again before christmas. We are off on a cruise in April and I need to lose a few more. I do however have some guilty pleasures or treats that I just can't get rid of.

At the moment I enjoy having a couple of malt biscuits with my coffee. I am a little naughty as I love to dunk them in.

Other guilty pleasures/treats:

  • A quick pedicure – especially when a massage chair is involved
  • Some chocolate with our evening cup of tea

There are so many more. I think as busy parents we need these in our lives to help us get over the hurdles we encounter daily.

In the new year I will be putting out a challenge with about guilty treats and pleasures. What is your guilty pleasure or treat when you are in need of a little time out?


Lots of smiles                                                          

Paula 🙂 🙂