Shopping Online (A new favourite)

Do you like shopping? I loooove it. Unfortunately it is not happening as much as I would like it to. I think the reason is the kidlets. Ha ha. I wouldn’t change that for the world. I do however, still like to browse online shops when I get a spare moment. We live in a country town which is quite big but there are not many options. I have a few favourite online shops which will come in a later post.

Today I wanted to share my new favourite. I am currently waiting on a parcel delivery. It is coming from America which is the only downside as I have a wait for about a week or so. ShopRuche is gorgeous. I love vintage inspired clothing and this is just the place for this. Everything is so pretty. The prices are pretty good as well. What I also love is the fact that you can become a member for free, have a browse and save items into a wishlist for later. You might miss out as I did with one item but at least they are saved, ready to purchase when you can.  Click on the link below and have a browse. New Arrivals